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Unlock code help me


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Yesterday I just finished fitting my new link g4+ , Plugged my laptop in  , got the ecu is locked ( as its brand new ) I went to the options , selected correct window , entered my supplied code. Comes up with a error . Says can complete fist action but not second????? 

Have i been given the wrong code?? or am i entering it wrong . or is there a bigger problem ?  when i opened the box it had the wrong ecu ( a MX5 euc in a NGTR box )  which i returned and got another code. This is a JOKE . I shoudve got a haltech.

How many times can i try to enter code before it locks me out??? 

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What will have happened there is the Dealer has generated the code using the full serial number including the leading 00s 

What they need to do is when entering the serial number in to generate the code is leave off the 00s or 0 at the start of the serial number so instead of entering 00123 just enter 123



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