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Will depend on how the wiring has been done. If you find after doing a test ECCS (widest slot) you get a figure of 1 then it will need the switch changed to the alternative. Widest slot should come out as 24

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We have already replaced the wiring inside the CAS connector for BNR 34 CAS and it is a vehicle that operated without problems with Vpro.
Is it OK to set the DIP switch setting for the BNR 34 when the LINK plug-in is installed under the above conditions?

I am using a translation, sorry

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I think if the wiring has been changed then the correct switch setting will be "other models".

You can try both switch settings.  The engine will run on one setting and not run with the other switch setting.  There is no chance of damaging the ECU or CAS so no harm in trying both options if you need to.

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1 hour ago, Kazu said:

What is changed internally by setting the dip switch of the GTR plug-in model for BNR34 or others?
Please tell me specifically.

I am using a translation machine, sorry.

It swaps the trigger 1 and trigger 2 signals.

The dip switches change which pins the CAS trigger 1/trigger 2 signal comes into the ECU on.


In "R34" position, CAS 1° signal must come in on ECU pin 41 or 51.  CAS 120° signal must come in on pin 42 or 52.

In "Other Models" position, CAS 1° signal must come in on ECU pin 42 or 52.  CAS 120° signal must come in on pin 41 or 51.


Do you have a contact for Kenji @ Link Japan?  He may be able to help you in your native language if my info above does not translate well?


I believe the reason for the difference is the pinout of the CAS is different:


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