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ECU now locked. Need code urgently.


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Today I wired up some new gauges with the expansion cable. I’ve hooked up the PClink to setup the gauges and it’s come up with the following message when I’ve connected to the ECU:


’This ECU is disabled. Contact your ECU Supplier to obtain an unlock code. Enter the unlock code in the ECU Controls-> Feature Unlock menu to enable the ECU.’


I've contacted my engine mapper but he’s away until Tuesday so can’t get the code until then. The issue I have is I’m stuck at my mates house. Is there anyone on the tech team that can sort me the unlock code out sooner and hopefully she’d some light as to what has made the ECU lock up as its very frustrating. 


Thank you.



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Morning Guys,


I managed to get the unlock code and it locked straight away but allowed the car to start.


Simon, you are correct, my laptop I was using had to be wiped so I installed the latest PC Link software. I've uninstalled and gone back to the version that was originally on it and it works perfectly. When my car is next mapped again I'll get the firmware updated to the latest version.


Thanks for the help guys.

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