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Fury - Internal Wideband extend the wiring


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I need to extend the Bosch LSU 4.9 wiring to reach the Link Fury.

Is there any reason I can't just remove the Bosch connector (ie: nothing "clever" in the plug?) and then use my own 6 pin plug/sockets.

(I searched a lot of posts before posting but didn't find anything)

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You cant remove the connector off the sensor, it has a laser trimmed calibration resistor inside that is unique to the sensor.  

You could extend the ECU side of the wiring, or something like one of these:

http://dtec.net.au/Lambda Extension Cable - LSU4.9.htm


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Thanks Adam,

I had a feeling/distant memory there was something else going on in the connector but couldn't find it.

So just extend the wires from the B plug on the ECU and add one of these to the end of it would be okay?



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Sourced 2 of those above sockets and a plug.  Used one of the sockets at the ECU and made an extension lead to get to the sensor.  All looks good and buzzes-out well.

Should I see heater temperature and Lambda in PCLink without the engine running?


Internal Lambda 1 - Sensor Control = ON, Run When Stalled = Yes

Lambda 1 Error - OK

Lambda 1 Status - Calibration

Lambda 1 Temp (C) - 0-2

It stays like that for 20 seconds then changes to:

Lambda 1 Error - 16 Heated Too Long

Lambda 1 Status - Diagnostics

Lambda 1 Temp (C) - 0-2

It makes sense that after some time of not getting to temperature it would turn the heating off but was expecting that I would see some heating in that first 20 seconds with the ignition on.

Is there a way of testing this before engine start?

Log 2018-09-8 3;05;17 pm.llg

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Nice tip Ducie54.

I was pulling the 12v+ from a spare "Power supply to ECU (from Battery)" in the factory loom.  The heavy gauge wire showed a good 12v source when ignition was on but as you suggested, under wideband heater load it dropped voltage.

Wired it directly into the fusebox and it works a treat.  Heats to temperature in 5 seconds odd, giving believable AFR changes with a bit of butane blown past the sensor.

I'm a bit surprised that the Link status Lambda 1 Error = OK even if the voltage is low.  I tested with the 12v disconnected and it will still show "OK" as the status which is a bit misleading.  Good to know the symptoms and how to troubleshoot em.

Thanks for your help.

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