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T1 Race Development Temp Sensor


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Has anyone used one of their fluid temp sensors?

I'm using it for Oil Temp and I've installed and wired it to the expansion Temp4 on my 04-06sti PnP ECU.

After sitting overnight the temp read 30F vs 48F for the coolant. During driving I'm seeing 145-150F.

Ive currently got it set for standard Bosch calibration. I measured the resistance at the pigtaik I've got off the sensor and back to the expansion connector and I'm seeing like 6480 ohm at that cold temp. The ECU value seems to match this.

T1 wasn't much help with calibration info. All the Bosch stuff I've seen shows standard Cal's.

I'm going to crawl under the car tonight and get a resistance check right at the sensor.

Is this an oddball calibration? Do I have a bad sensor?

Any help would be appreciated.

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That's the sensor I got but it doesn't use the bosch calibration that's for sure. I used that RaceSpec calibration that you linked to an the temperature looks much better. I didn't even think to look at that part because T1's site specifically says it's a bosch calibration.

Thanks for helping me get that straightened out.

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