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Subaru Sti V6 - Advice about drive the car using the base map with some mods


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Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice about drive the car to the shop to get a tune.
First I need to drive 7km only using the downpipe to get my exhaust finished. Later more 35km to the shop to get a tune.

Not sure if it will be safe and don't wanna take the risk.
The mods that I have is:
- Catless downpipe
- IAG AOS Competition
- Mac 3 ports boost solenoid
- Aftermarket air filter
- 3bar link map

Did a log and drove back and forward inside the garage and sometimes the AFR looks hi.
Could it bring me problems if I drive slow and not boosting?

Also after touch the throttle the idle status shows (Hold - RPM Lockout) and the RPM stay around 1500. I tried to solve it but I'm not too confident to do it myself and think will be not a problem drive like that right?


Subaru TypeRA V6.pclr

Log 2018-10-22 5;23;44 pm.llg

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For the idle control, adjust the RPM lockout to 1000RPM, this is not a proper fix but will allow the idle control work.  Your AFR doesnt look bad in the log but it was only really idling, its more important what happens with a little more load on it.  To add more fuel you can adjust the master fuel setting, most likely bump it up by 1 or 2 will be enough.

In any case, provided you drive it lightly everything will be fine.


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