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Audi A4 AVJ 1.8Turbo help needed/CAN Lambda Kit not responding

Pieter Gouwy

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As i'm not equipped with good knoledge on Audi engines as i'm a jap specialist and i said yes i'll give it a try i'll be needing some help on the subject.

Car is:

Audi A4 AVJ engine code (Stock block)
-Link G4+ ECU with Link Can Lambda, IAT and boost control solenoid
-Garret GT2860RS Turbo on External Wastegate
-480cc Injectors
-Open Exhaust and airfilter
-Frontmount intercooler

I only have a 2WD dyno so i reckon i'll have to map it on the road only so if anyone would have a good ignition map for this type of engine/turbo setup, that be great to compare to, so i see where i need to end up at.

Car starts and runs ok, Throttle responds, so that seems to work.

Did the e-throttle setup from the help page, but i'm a bit unsure if i did it correctly, so is there a "how to video" on this specific matter?

I've read the existing topic on the polo with the trigger issues. That got me wondering if i need to follow the same steps to calibrate/setup the trigger setup/ filtering?

Are there other things that i need to be extra carefull about with these engines and what boost can u let them run on  stock block?


December Update:

I Finally had some tim to continue on the car, but i cannot get the CAN Lambda working.
I tried and tested different power supplies to the can unit itsself and triplechecked the connections of can high and low to the ecu plug wich both are fine, still no succes in bringing up the dail r finding it in the can devices tab. keeps saying cannot find can devices.


I've added the file below


Thanks for reading.


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On 12/9/2018 at 10:23 PM, quattro5v said:

How will you be controlling the electro-thermostat, and the PWM style Radiator fans?


You can just run the thermostat out of an aux output wich becomes active at a sertain ECT


You can control the pwm fans with a solid state ralay 

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