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we have a customer with a Link Monsoon, and is using the Life Racing / Syvecs calibration switch / rotary switch.

We are using AN VOLT 1 for the cal switch (as 5v) We can configure the switch and assign it to go where we need it to so to do its intended job (boost tables) but as we move from position 1 - 10, we only get a very small voltage change, and no ammount of fiddling with voltages gives a wide enough range.

We have been told we need to use pull up resistors in the wiring, and apparently this is a very common cal switch that is used. so must have been done plenty of times.

does anyone have a drawing / diagram of how they have wired one of these up please ?


thanks in advance

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This is how most multi position switches will be wired.  Have you connected +5 to + terminal and Sensor ground to - terminal?  You should then get your output voltage varying from the centre tap.

If not, try connecting an Ohmeter between the + and - on the switch (without it being connected) and let us know the total resistance.  Then check the resistance between the + and the centre tap at each switch position (and then repeat between - and centre tap)

Image result for multi position rotary switch analog





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7 hours ago, ColinT said:


thanks for replies

it is a 3 wire pot, power / signal / ground (as per richards diagram)

problem i have is i get 5v in 1 position, and still like 4.99998v in position 10

so is that suggesting its been wired up wrong????


Possibly, can you disconnect it and do the ohmeter check as mentioned above?  That should show which wires go where.

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Typically they are a 2 wire switch, and yes there would need to be a pullup from 5v to the signal wire if the ecu cannot provide this internally.


IF the switch has been done correctly than that should give rising voltages from lower positions to higher positions. Pretty sure it will be polarity sensitive too.


Or if building your own switch, you could probably do this with a 5v/signal 2 wire setup, cant see much need for a ground wire.


Post a picture of the switch.

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