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G3 Internal Fuse?


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At this stage I am unsure... whats the easiest way to check? 

To try and keep a long story short, I have a 1999 impreza and I drilled into the wiring loom in the drivers wheel arch, I hadnt realised and started the car to turn it around, quickly turned it around, no issues. but when I went to start again it would not fire up, everything was cranking and can smell fuel... I then found the damage to the wiring and proffesionally repaired. But the car still does not turn over. I have checked all of the cars fuses and all are fine. ~I am now wondering if maybe one of the ignition wires were damaged intially and the car has been flooded or something? 

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11 hours ago, sam.everist said:

OK, I managed to connect to the ECU fine, change values, save etc. which is great news as should mean my ECU is ok... now I just have the problem of why the car wont start

Well now at least you have a good diagnostics tool.  A few things you can do in the software;  There is an ignition test and injection test function so you can check the coils spark and the injectors click when commanded.  You can also crank the engine and watch the displayed RPM in the software, if the ecu is getting a valid trigger signal you should see 150-250RPM when cranking.  You can also check all sensors are giving realistic readings such as water temp, air temp and MAP.

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