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AIM MXS CAN protocol


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Can you let me know what firmware your dash is on?  We changed that lambda scaling specifically because it was reading 10X smaller initially.  If it is a new firmware that has done it we may have to get AIM to fix it.

BTW, if anyone else has the same problem, just change the Link ECU to send the generic dash stream instead.  The only difference between generic dash and the Link AIM MXS stream is the lambda scaling.

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Hello Adam,

Thank you for reply, I also want to put Analog Input 0-5v which represent of Normal/Tiptronic status. I add its parameter to frame14 of Link CAN. Then for AIM display I use your AIM CAN stream copied from forum some times ago and modify it , the result is none of parameter values appeared on display, I go to CAN stream page there is no parameter list appeared. Please see my file what is wrong. Thanks again.

LINK_G4+ Generic test_@20181201_045711_008858.xc1

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Someone else reported a while back that there is a bug in the AIM firmware that prevents custom CAN streams that use the "row counter" from working.  So I suspect that is may still be present.

We can get around it another way, by just changing the ECU end to send the AN Volt in place of one of the unused parameters such as MAF, we can leave the dash to use the default "CAN_BUS_BASE" template and use a math channel to convert/create the new channel.


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Sorry for late response just got chance to try this afternoon.

The result is AN Volt input setting should match with the parameter with the one changed in CAN frame (Mass airflow) other wise AIM wont display anything.

In my case I set AN Volt 8 to MAF meter, choose Cal table1 (not used by other parameter) and match the input voltages with actual AN Volt 8 inputs. In CAN setup page change Mass airflow parameter to AN Volt 8. For AIM I use math channels to get values needed


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