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R33 gts G4 plug in to G4+ plug in


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Hi there, I have had a read of the specs of the ngtr v.15 plug in ecu's but my question is it worth the upgrade over the normal G4 plug in? I need to upgrade map sensor anyway as the onboard 2.5 is no longer good enough but have the opportunity to sell my ecu for reasonable money and then instead of having to buy a map sensor I can chip that in plus abit extra and buy a G4 plus. Is there anything g that really makes the + ecu a lot better then the normal G4 that I'm missing? Thanks in advance!

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On 1/8/2019 at 11:19 AM, Simon said:

The onboard logging and some of the additional features, But it depends if you want / need anything in terms of running the engine its much the same. 

Hi Simon, Thanks for the reply. I have just decided to stick with my normal G4 for the time being till I actually require more I/O etc. 

The only slight other issue im having while I have you is the idle is un responsive when i adjust the setting in the software. Im still trying to get the open loop control to work properly. Only thing that stands out to me so far is the engine is a Series 2 R33 RB25DET and the idle solenoid is factory 2 wire unit. In the software under Idle speed control "Type" there is only unipolar (6 terminal) and bipolar (4 terminal) it says. No other options. What do you recommend out of the software options works best for the 2 wire (brown plug) RB25DET solenoid ? I also am yet to experiment coming down in the Hz frequency on the output but will see if that helps in the next few days.

Thanks again,

Cheers Marc



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3 hours ago, marc1 said:

In the software under Idle speed control "Type" there is only unipolar (6 terminal) and bipolar (4 terminal) it says.

That setting is only for stepper motors, since yours doesnt have a stepper motor and no aux outputs are assigned to "ISC Stepper", that setting doesnt apply and doesnt make any difference what it is set to.

Attach a log and your map and we will have a quick look if it is a set up issue or something else.

A frequency of 200Hz is normal for the RB's.

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Ok. I will see what I can do, do you have an email?. Auxiliary outputs - fuel  Injector drive 7 (configured to "ISC solenoid") is definitely connected to the right solenoid (wiring wise) though so I suspect its somewhere in the setup as when you select "Test PWM" on output Injector drive 7 the idle solenoid can be felt pulsing with a say 50Hz signal.. (car is back in a few pieces as of last night so cant do any logs sorry?!)

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