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Best setup for revlimit to work


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yes but you have 12k rpm at first, that is what i have to show you. really want this to work. it sucks to take apart whole engine because lack of revlimit...
Just want to have absolutely 100% cut
could be so that the second rail injectors doesn't shut off?

here you can clearly hear the overrev when 4th gear doesn't want to work properly

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Without a log I cant see whats happening, helps if all parameters are logged that a relevant to the issue. Others might be able to help there. The spike to 12,000 rpm looks trigger related. 

When i configured a rpm limit i use lower rpm like 4000rpm to make sure it works first.

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The 12000 Rpm showing in your log is just a trigger error that occurred as you shut the engine off, it was only idling with TP at zero at that time.

In your video, it looks more like you have changed from 3rd gear into 2nd causing a mechanical over-rev, electronics can do nothing to prevent that.

Having said that, if you want a faster responding limiter, change to ignition. cut, fuel is injected much earlier in the cycle than ignition so if you use fuel cut you can still potentially have one cycle of fuel already injected sitting in the intake port or combustion chamber waiting for the next spark.  Also I suggest you increase the start cut TP100 to 60% and the end cut to 100%.


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ok and yes the logg i have is wrong i saw that too but i haven't any saved or they has get lost.. if i find them i will let you know.
Nope i have not shift from 3rd to 2nd gear by any time actually, and will probably never do that either.
why the 4th gear doesn't work is another mechanical issue i need to work on and when it issues i need a revlimit that works without problems.
Yes i know that with fuelcut but ignition cut is not good for the engine at high rpm 
Valves doesn't like it at all but if that is the solution to get a working revlimit that is what i have to do

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