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v88 to G4+ Upgrade


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I currently have a Vipec V88 in my car, has served me well for a number of years (and continues to) however I would like to take advantage of some of the updates and new options and looking to upgrade.

Is it simply a case of configuring the G4+ as per the v88 (Inputs/Outputs) and then export the old maps and import into the new ECU?

Guidance and ideas appreciated.

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Pretty much what i have just done on my bike, put a Fury in so i could get  CAN from CAN2 and took advantage of the onboard lambda 

small changes in pinout and setup for the differences between the 2 

loaded the modified V88 PCL and saved it again as g4+ 

Edit , Fury will not have enough injector and ign outputs for full sequential for more than 6 cyl

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Did the same, V88 to Thunder.Made sure wiring was the same-the features that I was using-loaded the Vipec map into Thunder and went driving. Back and forwards compatible.I am now, after 3 months of driving with Thunder,, changing out the harness to take advantage of the upgraded features. Going full modeled fueling so Ill be starting all over.

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