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Question About EVO4-8 Plugin Pinout. (typo in manual?)


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Hi All.
I have pinout questions about the EVO4-8 plugin ECU.
Here may some typo in the manual from Link website.
For the EThrottle ver1.5.
I can see AUX4 at the Expansion Connector1(page 12) and DI10 at pin46 (Page25),




but if you use the help function in the PCLink Engine Management software, it shows DI10 at Expansion connector 1  and the there's empty pin at pin46.
Which one is correct?







This situation also happen at the ver1.3
Page10 in the manual from Link website, DI10 at Expansion Connector1,but in page22, DI10 also in pin46.

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Di10 is on pin 46 and on the late E throttle boards is not on the main XS connectors. (note the XS connectors are labled on the PCB for function) 

Aux 4 is on the 2nd XS connector but this can not be used if you are going to use E throttle.




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