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Tacho signal to high voltage AE86 tacho


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Hi guys, just in the planning stages of wiring my storm into my AE86, I am wondering how to get the tacho working with an Aux out from the ECU, I am running COP ignition so have no high voltage igniter signal that is usually sent to the tacho. From what I have seen some people talk about removing the tacho and replacing a high value resistor for a lower value one, I am wondering if anybody has any specific experience and instructions for the AE86 tacho? 

Any help would be appreciated!

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Thanks guys, both of these solutions are great, I was looking for something more specific to the AE86 so thank you JMP. After having a bit of a think about it, I think I will try to make one of those tacho boosters as it will be simpler than removing the cluster and easily interchangeable if I decide to use another tacho for any reason. Adamw is there any downside to using such tacho booster?

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I have modded a JDM AE86 cluster to run with link.  I piggybacked 1 resistor onto the input stage of the T2685A tacho IC (this method allows the mod to be easily undone if needed) and it worked fine.  It is a bit fiddly as you have to strip down the instrument cluster to get to the PCB.  The relay mod method is simpler but less elegant.  Both will work fine.



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Your only need to remove the R4 resistor on the tacho circuit board and wire in a 100ohm resistor. Its as simple as that. you can remove the cluster, pull apart, cut the OE resistor out and solder in the new one in place, refit and be done in half hour. 

FWIW the relay mod does not always work. 

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