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  1. Greg W

    Dash it

    Thanks Adam Looked all through the forum and neglected the help file
  2. Greg W

    Dash it

    Another dash setup help needed guys, can i hear the groans from here Fury with AIM MXL pro 5 on connector B CAN2 Aim has Link G4 config Gone over the other dash and can related threads and used the generic dash config, may have the transmit rate too low at 1 hz (just looking to the latest post below) pics of the AIM and fury screens , welcome suggestions
  3. We had an alternator fault on one of the Salt racebikes this year , loosing voltage over the whole run and ride back to the pits it shut off and log cutout at 6.8v at the ecu
  4. I fitted one of these last week, found a large offset comparing the AEM gauge to Atom it was on , corrected the offset in the calibrations (cal 4 for me ) Much prefer the non gauge controller with signal gnd
  5. Early 14 with the 330 injectors ? , too small for a turbo , you will probably run out of injector before 250hp good option is H2 injectors, 650cc at 50 psi and guys are taking them out to replace with 1150's What fuel pump and regulator ? Stock coils will not work with the Link without a coil driver or coils with internal ignitors , the file below is setup for smart coils , LS2 (D585) coils with short leeds, You will need to calibrate trigger 2 base timing , Shouldn't loose a heap of oil at once if you remove the cover, or get a sacrificial cover and drill it with something like 25mm to get a good window at the timing mark and stay mostly dry file below should get you going once base timing is set , its from my busa done in traditional fuel mode , with the H2 base timing , and 240cc primary injectors (i switched of the staged injectors )so it may be a little rich initially and fuel maps will be way off once you start making a few psi boost , play with the master fuel or master fuel % trim once started to get it running smooth you will need to setup and test all your AN inputs and outputs etc before starting zx 14 starter.pclr
  6. Havent forgotten you one of the files i was going to reference is not opening on my current Vipec or G4+ versions and i will run it through an ecu to update it and adapt a few things to suit your setup EG single injectors instead of my staged Also what coil driver are you planning , if your looking at smart Coil on plug i can leave the R35 coil setup in the mix You will need to access the timing to setup properly , can you remove the radiator and give it an alternate coolant supply short term
  7. Couple of H2's on here and another local to me with turbo ZX10 all with Link G4+ I am set to 245 deg , so is the zx10, Andys is similar but -360 from there Thought the 14 has the same inspection hole in the alternator cover to check timing with , need an adjustable timing light though . If no one comes up with more specific maps for the 14 i can send you something that will likely need a lot of tweaking , but should get you running
  8. Greg W

    Possible trigger issue?

    When i have been chasing my tail and getting nowhere like this i do a quick sanity check to see if its spark or fuel related Dont laugh ,. but i disconnect the injectors (or turn them off ) and use fly spray in the inlet (at the throttlebody not before the intercooler etc )while cranking , it has enough hydrocarbon to run a motor without knocking bad like ether based starting fluids
  9. Are you sure your switched 12v is actually switched
  10. If you are reading absolute on both fuel pressure and map yes
  11. OEM pink wire is pull up resistored 5v same as diagram in Adams link , the diagram differs from OEM in the N circuit , its not supplied from the resistored wire, but from the N light and start solenoid N wire would read 12v, its coming from the gauge light and start solenoid good diagram here https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwiTuP7qoLbhAhXUR30KHShfANYQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hayabusa.org%2Fforum%2Fthreads%2Fhow-does-the-gear-sensor-work.101674%2F&psig=AOvVaw0kq8sY_fHJc9DY01ReCZeB&ust=1554461055687227
  12. Yep works fine on my busa After the first few uses i changed my voltages slightly v tolerance .40 1 1.5 N 0.3 2 2.0 3 2.74 4 3.40 5 4.2 6 4.6 Indicated gear and boost control by gear was very stable after doing this , if your gsxr is an earlier model ,( like pre 08 i think) be better changing to the the later GPS, it has better brass connections than the earlier which uses the spring loaded pins in the shift drum
  13. Fuel Main Injection mode off ?
  14. Greg W

    phil till

    Map sensor is one of the choices on any analog input on any of the ecu range , its not specific . Although not listed in the form above , some of the ecu's do have an onboard Map sensor , in the likes of the Monsoon, that lists 4 AN inputs its actually a 5th As far as knock is concerned, if your motor has moderate compression ratio for the fuel your using and a large window of ign advance before you induce knock and you will see power drop off from over advance well before you get the knock,
  15. Greg W

    v88 to G4+ Upgrade

    Pretty much what i have just done on my bike, put a Fury in so i could get CAN from CAN2 and took advantage of the onboard lambda small changes in pinout and setup for the differences between the 2 loaded the modified V88 PCL and saved it again as g4+ Edit , Fury will not have enough injector and ign outputs for full sequential for more than 6 cyl
  16. Greg W

    Map sensor

    Check my similar question on a fury from a few days ago , my baro was set to marine and not standard , correcting this fixed the problem
  17. Greg W

    Hayabusa turbo

    I have set the tolerance at 0.30v that may change when i get to the salt next week gear 1 1.82v N 0.30v 2 2.40 3 3.10 4 3.74 5 4.38 6 4.70 AdamW if i use a tolerance greater than the span between gears does that cause problems, ? say if i set it to .5v and the 5-6 variance is .32v ?
  18. Greg W

    Hayabusa turbo

    Link didn't transfer quite as i expected, but click on the heading Use Adams diagram, i will reply with my voltages later in the day, Adams are very close
  19. Greg W

    Hayabusa turbo

    Jani was that with a gen 1 or gen 2 Busa , the gen 2 have a better GPS unit that uses an internal brass contact like an ignition switch rather than the gen 1 spring loaded pins on the shift drum that gave a less reliable voltage and also were they using the original ecu ? which i think did not always work well with other devises reading the voltage , I only finished wiring in my GPS on the weekend with the pull up resistor AdamW mentioned on another thread and the voltages seem stable so far although i am about to add an analog dash wire to the GPS AN out and that may have an effect
  20. Greg W

    BAP calibration Fury

    Thanks Adam, thought it would be something simple i missed Yep that was it , somehow my V88 was set that way and i transferred the setting
  21. Greg W

    BAP calibration Fury

    Busa fury mechanical methanol.pclr Now with 4 bar sensor
  22. Greg W

    BAP calibration Fury

    Hi Finalising a Fury conversion from a V88 and having trouble with MAP calibration, The Furys BAP reads 1.3 psi (13.6 psi at 200m alt) lower than my 3 bar sensors (1 GM and 2 other brand all read 14.9 ), and also different to my monsoon BAP (14.6psi ) and V88 (100.2 KPA) i have 2 Fury's and both read the same , and will not allow me to calibrate the MAP
  23. Another thing to consider if your using the Can (as i found out the hard way ) is the data rate for communication , its not often listed in the specs but critical if your using more than 1 devise AEM X series is 500kb Link CAN Lambda is 1000 I have a mounted but unused AEM if you need one
  24. Group/staged setup like Simon suggests works good, you can bring secondary injectors in where you want and as gradual as you need , and adjust for different size and dead time way better than any secondary controller is going to do
  25. Greg W

    Link display

    Thought as much, perfect for the salt bike though
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