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  1. MAGNUM85

    Rev limit

    Hello, I am kindly asking for assistance in an aggressive rev limiter with some bangs, could someone help with such an advance setting?
  2. Hello, I have a bmw m50 engine upgared to a turbocharged enigne and a link monsoon ecu. The engine is fitted with 1 724 055 2 camshaft postion sensor, while the m50 basemap with link has a hall effect cam postioning sensor this one seems to be a reluctor one. I will be thankful if anyone either has such a basemap or the triggering setup of it
  3. What about the vvt connection to the monsoon? and does anyone have a basemap for 2jz ge vvt?
  4. Greetings, Kindly requesting help in connecting vvti to link monsoon, and a base map for 2jz ge vvti if possible, addtionally how can I test if the coil is rising edge of falling edge. Thank you
  5. Only crank sensor trigger two not available
  6. Greetings all, I am currently wiring a 6 cylinder m50b20 with 153624 firing order, to a link G4+ storm "blue one" what would be the best wiring for ignition, injection? what is did is 153 to inj port 1 and 624 to inj port 2 and did put 2 ignitors to every three coils. setup multiport with 1-2 INJ ports and 1/2 injection cycle. Is there anything better to do ? shall I used coils with built in ignitors? Recommendations highly appreciated
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