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Idle target RPM increase when A/C on


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As far as I understand from the help documents, there are 2 strategies that ensure a consistent idle when the A/C compressor kicks in:

1. The fuel trim

2. The Idle up adjustment of the idle base positon table.

Is there a way to also increase the idle target RPM when the A/C compressor kicks in? I am thinking of using the "Idle target RPM trim table" and setting the Y axis to "AC request". Would this work? Is this the usual configuration or should this not be necessary? I think what I am trying to achieve is mostly done by the small displacement engines, whereas the bigger displacement engines keep the same RPM but increase load, like methods 1 and 2 which you advice in your help file. Thank you for any advice.

Best regards,

Florin Tufescu

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I'm using closed loop, so I will use the Idle target trim. Mario, I think you cannot use just the AC step value in closed loop, because the closed loop will decrease the duty cycle back to get to the target RPM value, regardless of the step up. 

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13 hours ago, Mario Schneiderbanger said:

speaking of.

Adam, when i use closed loop idle control and raise the AC step value, nothing happens. so i’ve been using open loop control cause i can’t figure out what i’m missing 

check in your runtime values to make sure the closed loop control is not trimming the idle position back down.

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