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  1. if his tps isn't working is it pegged at 100% by chance? possible the tuner setup a flood clear table when tps is 100% with engine off?
  2. adam, by setting the cll lockout to 1600 you are effectively disabling cll at idle always. can't we set up an activation delay where if there is a change in tps the cll waits say 10 seconds before engaging? that way while backing out of the garage or inching up in traffic, as soon as there's a delta TPS logged it disables cll and waits 10 seconds or whatever you want before it activates again? this way it won't try to reduce fueling while you're puttering around but will engage if you are sitting in a parking lot for a while
  3. check the realdash thread at the top of the page. I just posted a can bus how to that explains how to set it up
  4. Alright over the next few days i'll put together a how to on getting Real Dash to read data off the G4+ using a Seedstudio Can-Usb adapter. This way you can tap into all the available data including lambda/Ethanol% and whatever else that the serial stream doesn't support. With help of another forum member i've stumbled my way through this and now have a working gauge setup on my android tablet. 3 days ago I had no idea where to start with this and i assume other users probably feel the same so I'll share what I learned. This will include how to: -wire the adapter -connect it it to r
  5. got mine working via can adapter today. i assume this will work for g4x as well. If anyone wants to set this up order one of these and i'll post a step by step to walk you through it https://www.seeedstudio.com/USB-CAN-Analyzer-p-2888.html
  6. following since i have the exact same issue on my car and also running 1700x with e85
  7. Ach na dann halt auf deutsch melde dich mal auf whatsapp ‪+1 (727) 485‑6673‬
  8. soooo how did you make this work because I see it displays lambda
  9. great idea! What i need to do is use 4D for my high cam fuel map so i can turn on multi fuel mode. i'm currently using ve#2 for this which i'm pretty sure is reserved for the blend ratio table to work in multifuel mode. maybe then my ve numbers will drop because some other e content based calculations become active. if that still doesn't work then i'll just do what you said and use a 4d table to pull fuel
  10. I have a similar issue which i'm thinking is charge table related but i haven't been able to nail it down yet. I Also have my warm up table zerod out. Cold start "even with post start fuel zerod out" is .78 lambda and slowly increases to .95 target by 180F I didn't understand how it could be charge table related as the IAT and ECT are the same for maybe 30-60 seconds after engine start unless the VE table numbers in my idle areas are higher than they should be BECAUSE my charge table is setup incorrectly for idle and therefor it's over fueling while cold
  11. Any way to display event logs like when you hit map/rpm limit or a engine protection limit? Also, if i want to display map pressure do i chose MGP even tho i don't use MGP as a load scale in pclink? And i take it we still can't display the fury internal lambda values?
  12. does this work with real dash for IOS yet? if not what small device do you recommend for me to buy?
  13. Hey adam, i’m in a similar boat but i’m running 60% mix. How did you calculate this? i’m currently switching to modelled mode from traditional and i don’t know what to set as the stoich ratio/density for my fuel
  14. See this post. Right now that’s the only way to do it. Another member is working on a small wire in board that will take ECT info via can and output the 5v signal to the cluster
  15. I’d like more info on this usb over wifi so i could just mount the module under the dash and never have to pull it out. thanks!
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