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Vipec v88 - 6x egt sensors


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Hello all 

can the Vipec v88 wire in ecu I’m running support 6x egt sensors ?

would this be through CAN or aux inputs? can you use the Link EGT module box and 6x egt thermocouples ?


im building a new more powerful (and expensive) engine, so I would Realy like to run egts for safety reasons 


I’m hoping this can be done, and what parts I might need would be great 


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The only CAN EGT device that the V series ECU's could use was the Motec E888 ($$$).  The Racegrade TC8 should work also as they claim the same CAN as the E888 but I dont know of anyone that has tried with a V series.

The only other option is you can do it with analog inputs but 6 egts will use up 6 analog inputs.

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Ok thanks I’m going to look into the motec e888 and the racegrade tc8 can module, If one of those was to be used I need to use a K type thermocouple sensor which isn’t an issue 

would a Link can cable work from vipec v88 to one of the above can modules ? If I recall Vipec can plug is round 6 pin


if I was to use 6 analogue inputs to make this work, would that just require each individual egt sensor be wired directly to the ecu analog outputs or through an thermocouple amplifier of some sort (any links to specific units that would work if this is the case)

what type of egt sensor would be needed, K-type or the other type ?

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As long as the unit is serial number 10000 or later it will be able to take a CAN stream in and out. 

The question mark is around the Racegrade unit using the E888 can stream. If it is the same then yes all would work.

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