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How to tell it ecu is fried


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I have a question, I had my car parked since December and installed my battery(new) went to start but noticed few things

1) the fan relay is clicking and the fan is rotating super slow

2) The fuel pump is not priming 

3) and the car does not start 

Does this indicate my ecu is bad 

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10.21 volts cranking is getting low.

Are you reading that voltage with a multi meter at the battery or on your laptop under RUNTIME VALUES.

If you are reading that voltage at the battery the voltage at the ECU will be lower and it will not connect to your laptop.

Try putting a charger on the battery, turn the ignition on, do not try to start it, see if the relay still clicks, check if you are able to connect the ECU to your laptop.

Make sure your charger has at least 4 amps plus.

If not use another battery or vehicle with jumper leads.



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5 hours ago, 3rdgenls1 said:

Thanks, got find out why it corroded like that its only 1 years old.  

It doesn't take long for that to happen if it's in a humid environment, moreso if it's located somewhere that gets hold/cold on a regular basis.

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