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Can lambda set up issue


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Finally went to a Link can lambda WB device to replace an older PLX analog type but having problems setting it up.

Followed  the  instructions from the Can lambda manual on the Link Electro website and have studied the subject matter on PC Link help pages but can't get  my Storm  G4+ wire in to "find" the  Canbus device as per part 6 of the programming instructions. Phone pics of the  Can setup/mode and  Can setup/can devices pages from PC link attached, the latter indicating the Can device cannot be found. Also pic of the  G4+ wire in ECU header connector to can cable being used.  Only difference is that I've wired on an aftermarket inline 2 pin plug/socket connector to the Can hi and low (green and white) wires instead of fitting the original connector pins shown, into my ECU header plug. This new connector wiring is proven.

Running firmware

Confirming I have power and earth to the can lambda device.

Where am I going wrong?





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Richard, Simon,

Thanks for the quick replies. As Richard suggested, I had a senior moment with the can hi and lo ECU input wires crossed and now have the can lambda device showing. I've saved the settings and cycled the power.

Next question is how to get the can lambda WB reading as a digital qauge (prefer in AFR units) showing on my tuning dashboard. Looking down the runtime values choice list, the CAN folder shows at the bottom but which actual parameter out of the 4 Can sub folders do I select for the gauge to read?

Thanks again.



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