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Different launch-rpm in Atom


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I'm trying to achieve a launch where you simply hold the rpm at a desired value - push and hold the launchbutton, and the rpm stays still.

I use the GP RPM Limit 2 and in the table I've used digital input 1 (wich is the launchbutton) on the Y-axis (0 &1).

X-axis is rpm in step of 500rpm, starting at 3000. On the 0-line I've written 9000 in all (RPM-limit is 8300rpm), and on the 1-line I've written the same rpm as on the x-axis.

The plan is that if you hold the engine at 5000rpm, and push the button, the engine should stay at 5000rpm.

But... It doesn't work. The engine goes directely to the lowest rpm written on the line (3000).

Any suggestions?


Best Regards



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I dont think it would be possible with an Atom.  The problem is as soon as you turn on the limiter, your RPM drops, so does your target limit.

All the other Link ECU's have latched launch mode (sometimes called rolling antilag) to achieve this but it was left out of the Atom firmware.

I think the closest you could do would be to have a potentiometer or multi-position trim switch connected to an analog input so you can vary the limit. 

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Actually, try something more like this.  It still wont be foolproof but it should work more like what you want.  Having the close breakpoints will effectively remove most of the interpolation, You will still need to be careful to press the button somewhere near a 1000RPM increament as if you pressed it at say 4400, RPM it would only need to climb a little and it will jump up to the next limiting range.


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Thanks Adam!

Will try this.

Bye the way... I'm right now working with a Nissan VQ35DE engine. Have a Fury for this engine, and we plan to use the VVT-system (only inlet on this engine).

Saw that you have a basemap for this engine, but ECU in basemap is Extreme. Is there a simple way to take this basemap and change ECU to Fury?

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