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CL Idle control again...


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Having a issue with E-throttle CL Idle Control that looks like this:

1) Car comes to a stop for example in a traffic light -> Hold Timer starts and adds about1% (can't say exactly because it seems more random) to the throttle.

2) Idle when Hold Timer stops is now about 1300 rpm

3) Before the CL Idle Control has taken it down to 850 I get green light and starts to move

4) Becuase I have open loop after 2 kph its now in open loop.

5) The value that was added in Hold Timer is still added even when in open loop wich get the car to idle at about 1300 rpm and also have that value through the hole throttle map.

I have investigated this by my self and can't find another reason for this other than a bug unfortunatelly.

Even if it looks like Link Team has stop developing the G4+ platform they should look this through and come with a solution.

The car is a daily and not a drag car or drifter so this causes me to turn of key to kill LinkECU and restart to get the car to be drivable in the city enviroment.

 I have of course logs but this should be easily simulated in a virtual enviroment.




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1 minute ago, a6_quattro said:

@Adamw Could I email this to you?

Note I no longer work at Link so I cant do anything if there is actually a bug.  I would still be interested to have a look at your log though if you want a second set of eyes to take a look.  adamwalmsley(at)gmail(dot)com  

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Tried with a mail to [email protected] but no answer, could someone from Link take this issue seriuos and do something about it?


It's still a bugg present that you thought you fixed unfortunatelly. Can't be so much more that a day to fix this for a developer.

1) Fix that when during Hold Timer and going to open loop the value doesn't get zero, set ISCL CL Trim(%) = 0 in that case.

Example, coming to a red light and you get green light when the CL Idle Control is in Hold timer, if a trim value of, for example, 1% has been set it stays and is applied to the throttle in open loop causing a idle way to high.

2) Comment out the value added to ISCL CL Trim(%) when going in to closed loop, usually the first time you are in closed loop it adds around 1%. Can't see any good with this...

3) Set the ISCL CL Trim(%) = 0 every time going in to closed loop idle, do not keep the last trim value and apply it next time in closed loop. This "semi learnt value" isn't working very well.

Thanks in advance


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I passed through to engineering and they confirmed this is the case and is expected operation

Unfortunately there is more to it and its not a simple change by any means. 

Unfortunately for the time being its going to have to stay as is. 

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We are still delivering what we say its just unfortunate that for this application is not performing to a level you are happy with. 

Its not a bug as such as it is doing exactly as we have requested it to do.

There are always areas to improve and over time this can happen. 

I'm just saying that it is not going to happen instantly.




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Just for clarification:

1) You claim that you (read Link) deliver what they say. If you buy a product that claims, from the specifications, to handle a certain functionality, that just fullfill the specs to a certain degree, you are happy and doesn't care? I don't. The behaviour of the closed loop idle control with e throttle is not on the on the expected level. The level is on a laboratory level in a school Project.  

2) Never specifed it at just a bug but as a misbehaviours/bugs.

3) This isn't the first time I report this as you cartainly now. You have had plenty of time to deal with this.

But as I said, I'm going to install a nother ECU from another manufactuer and hopefully be able to sell the Fury.



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I do believe that Link fulfill all of their advertised specifications as per their limited warranty statement in the current catalogue :-


"For off-road use only, not intended for 

highway vehicles." 


Nearly all aftermarket ecus are also for track use only and not qualified for the road.  

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