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Link fury idle surge

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Hello guys I have finished a Toyota supra JDM jz80 vvti everything came out as plan .after took the car for a spin notice engine surge .when curse or when car stop i have at the moment the settings from help file and also ecu is on the latest firmware. It's a very annoying situation. I do have logs .

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There are quite a few issues, but the main problem appears to be your E-throttle target table causing the throttle to bounce between 2 & 5%.  It looks like it really wants about 3.5% for norrmal idle.


In the attached tune I have changed the E-throttle target, all of the ISC lockouts and deadband, Idle ignition lockouts, idle ign table, VVT lockouts (VVT was bouncing off & on),  non-driven wheel speed source.  You can use the compare function to see what I changed.  It may still need some work but it should be closer. You may need to experiment with the speed lockouts a little as it looks like the driver coasts to a stop with his foot on the clutch from quite a high speed so that may need careful adjustment to catch reliably (i.e in the log clutch is in and engine is idling while he is still doing 50kmh).


Carl 2jz vvti turbo idle changes.pclr

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Hello Adam got the car back at the shop and I have upload the map you have made the changes E-throttle so far been doing very well with out A/c with a/c on I have notice a bit of high idle but not when car is park but if you do a drive and come to a stop rpm stay around 1400rpm will take a wile be4 it go back to target idle .I have lower the a/c step but no luck jet.dont want to mes up the situation. As it only doing this with A/c on you think that can be fix .

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