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SR20DET Base Timing issues/no start


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Hi all, Im having an issue with an S14 SR20 project, Engine wont start and ive tried to check roughly where the base timing is set while cranking (good jumper battery hooked up too) and it seems the marks are all sitting at 9-10 oclock and should ideally be closer to 1 oclock. Any changes to the trigger offset (Im pressing enter once values are changed) does not seem to move the timing marks either..

I have removed the rocker cover to confirm the CAS is installed correctly at TDC (engine also ran fine before mods and CAS is low kms), confirmed the Balancer is not moving/broken. Initially the CAS had an AEM disc fitted but this has been removed and the Stock nissan one refitted and the Link settings back to Nissan Opto 360.

List of Mods are, Converted to Bosch Drive by Wire, Tomei PON Cams (still has VCT), Has had Igniter chip removed/rewired and r35 GTR coil packs kit fitted with dwell settings as per instructions, Link flex fuel, wideband, AIT sensors etc and some ID1300X injectors with settings as per instructions ( Master fuel MS has been dropped substantially).

Can someone please have a look at the MAP and see where I may have gone wrong? 



NISSAN S14.pclr

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Hi Adam, yes i've hooked up a new HT lead between the coil pack and the spark plug on cylinder #1, Initially used my Snap on Timing light, but it did not like the slower crank of engine not running, so switched to another light I have, that seemed to always work. I have just left work for the day, so will aim to post a log as soon as I can.


Thanks for the swift reply too.  

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19 hours ago, rrob said:

Could the trigger disc be in upside down?

Yes! I have that as one thing I need to check once back at work, the AEM can go anyway I believe, but factory not. Easy to check! Thanks for the input

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