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Evo G4+ pnp with Haltech IC-7 dash - no data


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Hi guys, so I've just got my hands on a Haltech IC-7 dash. Im running a G4+ pnp for Evo 8. 

The dash is running current firmware and I have selected Link G4 from the configuration list on the haltech software. I am using the connection cable that is offered by haltech(came with the kit) plugged in to CAN1/RS232, 12v is coming from a switched acc/ign and ground is going to a chassis ground.

On PC Link i am using the following settings (see attached image) but I have no data streaming to the dash at all. If I change the configuration to OBD2 on the haltech software i am able to get a battery voltage reading and nothing else indicating to me the dash is working and wired up correctly?

Can some one point out what i am doing wrong?

Thank you! :) 791526798_cansetup.thumb.jpg.62c7a1d5774946eda838d807bcd7ea28.jpg

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Your ECU is set up correctly as far as I know.  There are a few guys having drama getting those dashes to work at the moment so Im a little suspicious they may possibly not have something quite right in the CAN setup yet?  

Can you try setting up the CAN as per my pics below, and set the dash to Haltech V2, then tell us if Manifold pressure works on the screen.  This set up will make the Link ecu send a message that looks just like the Haltech message so may help confirm if the problem is wiring or something in the dash software.

Basic steps; change channel 1 to transmit user stream 1, ID to 864, transmit rate 50Hz.  Go to streams tab, click on stream 1, delete frame if there are any already there.  Add frame, add parameter, choose MAP, set start bit 16, width 16, Multi 10. Apply, ok, store.




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5 hours ago, Suresh said:

To follow on, is there a way to get fuel level to be displayed over CAN using the factory resistance based float?

You will be best to chase Haltech for that.  The dash apparently has a fuel level input on the connector but the functionality is not yet in the dash firmware.  

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