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Trigger Issues with a Thunder.

Anthony Parle

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I install a G4 plus Thunder wired into a Subaru Impreza 2001 SOHC EJ20.  Had the car running for a couple of day then it just died.  I have checked the scope log on the ECU and it can no longer see the Cam & Crank sensor,  Crazy thing is I can hook a scope to the same 3 wires and it gets the correct signal.  The ECU just sees a signal neg 0.3V to 0V were the oscillscope sees the correct trace voltages.  Not sure what to look at next I assume its something not set up correct in the set up file.  But why did it read correct on set up then not after the engine died.  Below is the two images that show you what I mean.

Any advise greatly appreciated.



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17 minutes ago, Adamw said:

For that trigger scope, are you sure you clicked the capture button only once the engine was turning over?

With your standalone scope, was channel 1 connected to trigger 1 or trigger 2?

no I didn't but I can do it again now and see.

Adam just hit capture after I was cranking and it was all good, got the correct trigger readings.

Thanks for the .  My problem can't be the ECU then, will need to look some were else

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