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Output vehicle speed to OBD2 gauge


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Dose any one can help me to solve the OBD2 Vehicle speed problem?

I have an OBD2 gauge and it can display most parameters from Link G4+ ,but vehicle speed was not outputted to OBD2 gauge.

I use a DI to be my driven wheel speed source and the speed can display in my PCLink software, is there any way can output speed to my OBD2 gauge?


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I guess we need to know what speed signal is wanted for your obd gauge.

I remember reading something similar with a haltech dash, it is looking for "vehicle speed" in the stream, but link doesn't use it that way, only the 4 wheels and driven/undriven. It can be changed in the haltech dash to look for driven wheel speed for example.

Or the issue is somewhere else.

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Yes, works fine for me.  This is your map loaded into an Xtreme, same firmware as you are running.  OBD socket wired to CAN2, PLX kiwi dongle plugged in to OBD socket.

Tested with 3 apps; Realdash on windows, OBD dash.Lite on windows, Torque Lite on Android.




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