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Plug in Nissan 350ZLink


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I am preparing installation Nissan 350Zlink N350X ECU into Nissan 350Z VQ35 engine automatic gearbox. It mentioned in installation manual that ECU can be used for automatic gearbox but I still rather hesitate because this is my first install in car with auto trans.

Can anyone confirm ?

Thank you

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Yes, the 350Z plug-in does work with the auto.  In terms of tuning there is quite a bit of work to do to get all the torque reductions for gearshift working nicely, this really needs to be done on a dyno.  The G4X has a torque management function that is quite simple to set up - but you need a dyno to calibrate the torque multiplier value so that the ECU is predicting engine torque well compared to real numbers.  The torque request table also needs realistic torque values in it that matches actual engine output.  Then you need to tune the torque reduction part - the G4X will use a combination of E-throttle, spark timing boost reduction and cuts depending on how much reduction the gearbox controller requests.  All of these elements need to be tuned so that if the gearbox asks for say a torque reduction of 80Nm, then the ECU knows how much of each it needs to apply to achieve that 80Nm.

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