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ECU logging error


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Can you post up your ECU internal log settings?  I've had issues with the connectivity on the G4x sometimes not actually downloading the entire log and still prompting to save whatever it has downloaded.  Does the downloaded log file size match what was in the datalog download window on the PC software?

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Ok, so how does your saved log files that look weird compare to what the software says it's trying to download?  Are file sizes the same?  The we transfer link didn't work for me or I'm not sure how to use it.

Also - I'm not sure it's really all that necessary to log RPM at 500Hz or some of the others you have logging at that rate.  It's going to take up additional storage space and make the logs larger to download for relatively little benefit.  PC logs log at 40Hz if I remember correctly and that typically works well.  I would log things like RPM and MAP limit statuses, percent fuel and ignition cut, and knock levels quicker as the 40Hz log rate can sometimes miss those events.

If you try to download the log again, does it look the same the second time downloading?

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