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How to figure out which limiter is causing an issue.


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Weird one this morning.


I had a DBW throttle error and I cleared it, but after restarting the car I’m getting no errors BUT the e-throttle limiter is coming in. (Pedal issue, solved, had a bind in the linkages)


is there any way to check which limiter/value is cutting in simply? It wasn’t happening previously,  Whats happening now is when you hit the throttle it won’t rev and the limiter cuts in.  Pedal and throttle are testing and calibrating fine. So its acting like its still got the error and hasn't cleared.


putting ethrottle  into Setup mode makes no difference and no errors..


nothing coming up in the log so I’m a bit ... what the? Edit: I'll also add im bleary eyed from a... interesting week so I'm pretty sure its something basic/stupid/basic AND stupid.




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Look at the logged parameter "Limit Flags Word".  You can use the tool in this link to decode it: https://1drv.ms/x/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPxkFdMGXa-hvuyAb7?e=v7P2wd

The Limit Flags word doesnt cover all limits, but most of the common ones.  Gearshift cut, anti-theft, ign switch etc arent included. 

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