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G4X knock threshold


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Hello, go to help, put in your settings, and it should show up.



·Cyl 1 Allocation = Cyl 1 ITrim Table

·Cyl 2 Allocation = Cyl 2 ITrim Table

·Cyl 3 Allocation = Cyl 3 ITrim Table

·Cyl 4 Allocation = Cyl 4 ITrim Table



I stand corrected.

I'm sorry. I thought you said you couldn't get the gain.


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I think that if you select fuel & trim in the knock setup and then ok, you will get a notice and choose yes or no no, you will get that situation

Then click on the knock threshold grid symbol on the bottom right of the mouse arrow in your first image, and you'll see a table with all 0's.

I'm just guessing, but check it once.

If you see it, proceed with the settings in my first response and you'll see the gain.

If that doesn't work, updating the firmware again might help.



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49 minutes ago, Adamw said:

Note, do not drive your car with E-throttle set in setup mode, this is highly dangerous as all safety functions are disabled in set up mode.  


that was the issue. the guy who tuned the car left it in setup mode. thanks a million.

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