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GaugeArt CAN gauge won't display some extended channel data, Link G4+ Fury


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I purchased one of these GaugeArt CAN bus gauges for my FD RX7, which is running a Link G4+ Fury ECU.

Problem I'm having is the gauge refuses to display some of the extended channel data GaugeArt claims it should, for example Lambda target. Tech support folks at GaugeArt has been telling me for months now that they have been working with Link to come up with an updated set of configuration instructions that should fix my problem, but they have not delivered yet. Was hoping maybe someone here has figured out a solution for this. I simply want to be able to set up a 2 parameter display screen that shows Lambda 1 (a standard channel) and Lambda Target (an extended channel) on the same page. When I try to do that according to the GaugeArt instructions, Lambda 1 displays properly, but I get a constant 0.000 for Lambda Target.

Anyway, here's a link to the standard and extended channel list this gauge is supposed to support and display: https://gaugeart.com/instructions/gaugeart-can-gauge-supported-ecu-data-channels/supported-ecu-channels-vipec-link-g4/

And here is a link to the instructions GaugeArt provides its users for them to configure a Link G4+ to work with their CAN bus gauge: https://gaugeart.com/instructions/vi-pec-link-g4-ecu-setup/

I've followed those instructions to the letter, with one exception - Since I wired my CAN gauge to DI9/10 (CAN2 module), I substituted CAN2 module for CAN1 module in their instructions. The GaugeArt gauge seems to work fine that way otherwise, and I can configure it to display everything it should, EXCEPT for the following extended channels:

  • Lambda Target
  • Lambda Correction 1
  • Lambda Correction 2
  • Boost Target (kPa / PSIg)

Thanks in advance!

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30 minutes ago, Adamw said:

Their instructions are wrong.  Extended stream 1 should be on ID 50, and extended stream 2 should be on ID 51.

Thanks Adam. It looks like I had ID 50 for extended stream 1, but per GaugeArt's instuctions, I only had 2 channels setup (standard on ID 56, extended on ID 50 for both streams). How/where would I change extended stream 2 to ID 51 - would I just add a 3rd channel (currently OFF) under the "Mode" tab, and assign it to ID 51?

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