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Link/ AiM MXG


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Hi there -


I've just purchased a Link/AiM MXG and am excited to get to using it.

I'm curious though.

With the AiM rear camera that can plug in directly to the back of the dash... how do you activate it?

Is it to be wired onto a switch? Wired into reverse lights? Can one of the buttons on the dash be configured to turn it on?

is there a picture in picture function where I can have it running in the corner of one of my dash displays?

Thank you!



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The camera inputs are activated by the "Trigger Commands" function in the software.  So you can trigger it for example by one of the analog inputs connected to the reverse light circuit in the car, or a switch on the dash, or if the gear box has a gear position sensor connected to the ecu, then the ECU will tell the dash when you are in reverse. 

There is no PnP function as far as I know, only full screen.

Example below would be how you would do it using one of the dash analog inputs:


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Thank you!

Another question here now that I've got it connected.

I tried to follow the video link provides on how to configure/import configurations.. Yet unfortunately I do not have an option anywhere to import the configuration that is currently on the unit. I can see it connected, see liver parameters, change logos, etc but I am completely unable to import whats stored on it via RaceStudio3.


Am I missing something?

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Great that worked perfectly.


I'm also considering using LED1 and LED 5 as turn signals. Do I just run those into the OEM turn signals and configure in dash?

Also want to do Fuel Level..

Any idea how to accomplish this?


Vehicle is 1991 SW20 MR2

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@Adamw Hi there-

So I've finally gotten around to wiring my fuel gauge in. Unfortunately It doesnt seem that I have the right concept/ I have the scaling in the math channel all wrong.

I've pulled the sending unit out and was wondering if you had any good advice around measuring and properly scaling the table?

I previously had information stating sensor range 0-100%
voltage at 0% 2.6v
voltage at 100% 0.2v

This doesnt work unfortunately.

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Hey, I can only go off experience with calibrating fuel level on a IC7. But works the same.

I had to use a 220ohm resister pullup (change it to suit the range you want). 
As I had a saddle tank, I drained the fuel out as much as the pump can grab on a level ground. Then syphoned the other side out via the level sender access hole on the other side. I then measured the voltage reading and marked that as "you're walking to the servo", put 10L in the tank and measured again. Noted this 10L as Empty voltage. I then filled the tank at the servo and measured the full voltage. It's a slight pain in the ass with a saddle tank but worked ok. I don't recommend reading the voltages with the sender out of the car as the intank full and empty ranges can vary. I also had two senders in serial.

I do still have some variance in voltage, so I'm going to run new wiring to my senders as I'm currently using the stock OEM wiring which seems to be causing voltage irregular readings.

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