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Fuel Charge Coeff out of adjustment


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Currently having a bit of issues with a JZA80 G4X plug in.

everything is working good so far. car has Bosch 1650cc SS injectors including fuel pressure and temp inputs.
car is running on pump E85, modelled fuel mode (not multi fuel)
currently when trying to calibrate the Fuel Charge Cooling Coeff I am unable to have it target changes in the Target lambda table.

holding it steady at 2500 rpm at lambda 1 then changing the table to 0.9 it will then hold .86-.87 this is with the Coeff set at 1
changing the Coeff to 0 doesn't seam to do anything but increasing the Coeff from here will just richen it up futher as expected.

I played around a bit with the stoich ratio, the fuel density and fuel desity coeff and zeroing out the charge tempurature approx table with no real luck.

is there somthing im missing that I've overlooked or is this a sign that the data supplied with the injectors is incorrect?


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Cool... thats what I figured but not really what I wanted to hear.

This is my first time working with these injectors on this platform.
I usally supply DW or Xspurt XS injectors so these injectors aren't exactly my first choice.

The issue is I've already sent this guy away as he first had it set up with the Bosch 2200 CNG injectors.
He choose not to select the prefered options presented (possibly due to cost) and went for this matched set from golbeys.
He also wants this tuned in modelled fuel mode.

Is there some kind of work around I can do here or just chalk this back to the customer and change the fuel to traditional mode?
or does someone have the data I require they wish to share?

the injectors are PN: 0280 158 333 and set at 1462cc @ 300kpa, and the dead times used are the one in the picture posted.



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Set the Fuel Charge Cooling Coeff to about 15 and do the lambda target step test (suggest do it at higher load so you arent working at very short PW's), scale the whole deadtime table up or down until the measured lambda follows target.  Sometimes you get to the point where it will follow quite well stepping in one direction but not as good in the other direction, and you can sometimes further improve that with the fuel charge cooling setting.  

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