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5SGTE Crank but no start


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Hey, I've been in the process of building a 1999 Toyota Celica with 5SFE block and a 3rd gen 3SGTE head. I've got upgraded rod and pistons but keeping the 9.0:1 compression ratio. I've got ID1050X injectors and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. I have a Link 3 bar map sensor, Link G4X XtremeX ECU, Bosch 90mm e-throttle body, Subaru BRZ accelerator pedal and 1ZZ ignition coils.

For the crank and cam trigger i installed the RacerX MR2 coil on plug kit. I believe i've wired it in right with the pull-up resistors as required. When i crank the engine, the ecu is showing an RPM signal and the triggers look to be right. Currently the vehicle doesn't have an exhaust as i am looking to have one custom made but the fabricators i have spoke to require the car to run when it gets to them.

I have tested the coils and injectors through the ecu and everything there is working as it should so at this stage I am not sure whether it is just a timing issue or something else. The car does pop and shoot blue flames out of the exhaust ports on the head so maybe its just too rich? I have had it fire up just a couple times before where it would decide to just rev itself right up then i would switch it off to prevent something bad happening.

At this stage i am lost so any input would be helpful. I've attached a copy of the tune and the trigger scope.

Celica setup EThrottle.pclx Celica Trigger.llgx

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Have you calibrated your E-Throttle properly? is your E-Throttle working properly or is it in fault when you try and start it?

Do you have any logs of a successful start to show what is happening with the rev up?

Your E-Throttle target table is all zeros and your idle setup is off so theoretically it should always be trying to shut the throttle completely which will make start-up very difficult and could possibly damage the throttle body depending on the calibration.

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I did calibrate my e-throttle. I set up a basic table just for the first couple columns in the ecu. I have gone through and redone the whole table. I've also set up the idle now. From what i can tell the e-throttle side of things is working now. I have tried to start it after making the adjustments but still not starting.

I am kind of leaning maybe timing so i'll need something to help with setting the base timing. I don't think it is too far out as it did run before (granted for a couple seconds) but no longer does not. I have noticed i have been getting "maximum ignition advance reached" so i think that might be related to base timing but i'm not sure.

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To figure out base timing on a new setup I recommend removing all of the coils and spark plugs except cyl 1 and then use a piece of plug wire or a spark tester to plug the coil to an then plug onto the spark plug.  Disable injectors (unplug them) and crank with trigger scope and timing light.  If someone cranks while in trigger setup and timing fixed you should see the timing light flashing at the same value if your triggers are correct.  Also check your trigger scope versus the cranking and you'll notice with all the plugs out except cyl 1 that the spacing on the crank trigger teeth will be close together except when building pressure in cyl 1 which is when you should be about to fire.  You can count teeth between this signal and the cam sync signal to see if the offset seems close or if it's one crank revolution off as you should only see the wider spaced teeth in trig 1 once per 2 crank revolutions.  In your scope it looks like your trig 2 falling edge is about in line with the 25th tooth from the gap on your trig 1.  Your sync tooth is listed as tooth 16 and your offset is -5 so that does seem a bit far off.

Your dwell times are pretty high for those coils as well - you want to be around 1.5-2ms at 12v and higher.  I'm not sure what you set your ethrottle minimum to but you shouldn't need much more than 5% to idle and start typically.  If you set your minimum to zero and manipulate the throttle when trying to start it may allow you to figure out what exact percent throttle you need to obtain desirable starting condition and idle speed.  Of course fueling needs to be in the ballpark for this to work.

Small thing: your engine displacement is listed as 2200cc - but with a .5mm overbore 5s block (87.5mm bore) and 91mm stroke crank - your displacement is 2189cc (rounding).  

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