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Toyota VSS setup.help


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I m a 4age 20v bone stock running on link g4x atom.

i got the VSS located on the transaxle wired into links ecu DI 2 .

just check on it, VSS is in 3 pin design and run a 12v power supply. assuming it to generate a square wave signal input to my Link ecu

having no clue on how to setup DI for my vss.

any clue for the setup the DI.

p/s there's a wiring diagram i built attached to this thread.

any help would be great


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Under GP inputs, GP speed 1, set source to DI2, calibration to 0, pull up resistor to on I would guess. At that point you should be able to drive and monitor the direct frequency on GP speed 1. From my limited reading just now, you want the calibration to match the frequency of inputs over 100m. 

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Start with the calibration at 260 is usually in the ballpark for most JDM cars.  Then you can compare speed displayed in the software to say a GPS app on your phone while driving and adjust the calibration so they match.  

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