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350z basic idle & first drive


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I'm just trying and trying to get my idle working alright, so that I can continue to set up the base timing/vvt calibration on my car. Ideally without choking to death in the garage.
I've pinched some settings from Timboj (similar cams etc), and generally just fumbling my way around this. I found that the idle base positions were causing non idling issues from the base map. Once it sprang to life I found myself wanting to get out ASAP as it's very strong fumes from the exhaust. Adam initially suggested changing the master fuel but it was soo strong (and made the plugs a bit wet), I took it down a hair (14ms base map, I changed it to 12ms).

Strangely my widebands were working on a previous start last week but they didn't seem to spring to life today, which I guess makes it bit tricky to look at on the log. I'll try and find out why.

Note, just using the stock maf - will remove it and put in a dedicated IAT and new intake tube soon.



Log 2022-05-1 6;28;39 pm.llg Nissan 350Z Manual trans twin VVT G4+_v008.pclr

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Cheers, yep will continue to adjust once I get the widebands working again!

What's really odd is that ign on - I can see they're reading (after running the car for about 1 min or so) but once it fires up, they both read zero again. I made some minor changes to my map but nothing substantial, tried disconnecting them too.

I saw this on the runtime page:



I'm half expecting it's something to do with my battery.
It's only 6 months old but even just cranking a small handful of times, I've had to go and charge it up. So I'll contact the supplier for that because I've noticed other people have that 'browning out' with similar issues.


Left the battery charging for the day, just came back to try again. Before starting the car - all OK in the CAN 1/2 status.
As soon as it starts, those errors appear.

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Really odd, I've checked (visually) the wiring, and the DT connectors - and the orientation of the wires going to the right places - all seemed ok.
I'll try using the multimeter later tonight.
I'd also disconnected an oil temp gauge to, just in case that was being odd (it was the main cause of a battery drain anyway, so had meant to disconnect 1 wire anyway).

But yep, ign on, reads normal - fire it up, doesn't come on, back to ign, reads normally :lol::wacko:

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  • RobPhoboS changed the title to 350z basic idle (without choking to death) + widebands ignition issue

Hey Adam, or anyone else.

With this cable, it appears that the power/HL isn't the same as usual Link cables? Or does it twist again inside the plastic block?

Ie: on the male connector, pins 1 & 2 look like they go to the ECU for H L. And pins 3 & 4 look like power ground.

Obviously that would cause me some issues if that's the case hah .

This morning I've gone through the cables, recharged the battery, tightened a slightly loose negative ground from the battery terminal to the chassis. Confirmed the polarity of a 22uf capacitor (was a just in case usage).

And then looked at this cable, which is the last thing I can think of.





Ignore that, apologies.

Checked with a multimeter, confirmed that it's exactly like the manuals.

My wiring is the same, with the right wiring from the Haltech cable to the CANJST. Same thing happens, go to start and a moment before the car starts it switches off the sensors. 

I'll try running a temporary cable to the battery next. I may also try the resistor just after the CAN unit too.


EDIT 02:

Ah ha, wire direct to the battery keeps them running!

So now need to figure out how to set that up.


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As mentioned, a wire to the battery direct solved the issue.
I hit record just for a short time (I should have let the coolant get up to temp tbh but ran out of time!).

So will order up some sort of fused relay thing, will hunt around on the forum to see how people do that as it's obviously something I've not done before.
Thought I'd just sling these up just in case.

Guessing something like this?




Nissan 350Z Manual trans twin VVT G4+_v010.pclr Log 2022-05-7 7;12;22 pm.llg

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  • 2 weeks later...

I bought this, just to test it out https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07TV9M1QR
I wired in the fused relay yesterday, all basic stuff if nobody else has done this before (one wire to the batt terminal, another to ground, one to a switched ignition to power the relay on/off, and the main live wire to the CAN). At first I used the same ign source as before but it didn't work, hah so then I used a fuse tap from the fuse box by the battery (for the rear lights). Then it worked as expected. 
I'm not overly keen on using a fuse tap but if someone has a better suggestion or just to say, don't worry it's fine, I'll continue to use it. It's all a bit temporary with crimped bullet connectors largely but I just wanted to get things working.

Finally I can move onto what I was originally asking about, overly rich start up (lambda reading around 0.76, moves up to 0.96 around 75-80 ECT).
So onto the process of getting it to work safely enough to drive to a tuner!

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Also I suspected my base timing hadn't quite been set right, so I just re-did that now. For anyone else with a 350z, I'd say its worth using a spare HT lead from the spark plug to the coilpack, and read from the HT lead rather than the tiny little wires from the back of the coilpack.
Looks like my trigger offset is the same as the base map but will need to test this out at higher RPM's on the weekend :)

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Yep, I wish I had bought one of those, I just had another style one that is adjustable but doesn't connect to the spark plug.
I think I was initially getting a reading offset of -20 when I looked last, and thought, na that's got to be wrong!

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  • RobPhoboS changed the title to 350z basic idle
  • 3 weeks later...

This is the first drive, there are a couple of seemingly high AFR spikes but not sure what's happening there (I was off the gas iirc and coming to junctions):
I was really happy how this initially felt, no stalling !

Hopefully this link works?

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21 minutes ago, Adamw said:

Yeah looks ok as a starting point.  The spikes in lambda are overrun fuel cut.  

Thank you for taking time to have a peak at it, I'm really enjoying the platform and getting a glimpse at this stuff.

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  • RobPhoboS changed the title to 350z basic idle & first drive

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