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G4+fury CAN connection to Razor PDM


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Do any of you have any experience with the can setup with the Link Razor pdm. I have the can wires on can 2 wired to the B connector canH and canL. For some reason I can't get the g4+fury to discover the pdm device.  I'm new to this set up any pointers would be greatly appreciated 

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G4+ won't find the PDM in the CAN Devices tab and G4+ doesn't have a built in PDM CAN stream but it is possible to set it up to control switched PDM outputs with Virtual Auxes from the ECU and to receive keypad and ADIO statuses and values via CAN DIs and CAN Ans

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Files attached.  When the PDM software tells you the configuration contains a layout choose yes so you will see my memo explaining the logic.

In the ECU virtual aux 2 controls your fuel pump and virtual aux 3 controls the water pump.


BCM_HRC_ProX_55_Gas_senecafalls V1.1.pclr HRC2 Forum V1.1.pdmc

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I ended up buying a new fury g4x to replace my g4+. i have used the clipboard to move the files over to the furyx I feel that i may have missed something because the motor will not start . is there a chance you could check the two files for me ? I have moved a few auxs from the original file to a new location but i feel like I'm missing something in the inj or fuel settings . thank you any help is appreciated  

thank you,


BCM_HRC_ProX_55_Gas_senecafalls (1) - Copy.pclr ANB HRC2.pclx

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The main issue is your trigger set up is wrong. 

G4+ is set up with multi-tooth/missing, 24-1, reluctor on crank, hall on cam.

G4X is set up with multi-tooth, 24, no missing, reluctor on crank, reluctor on cam.  


A couple of other comments:

Injector deadtimes are different.  

Lambda target table doesnt look good in either ecu.

Dwell table is wrong in both ecus.  Dwell should reduce as battery voltage increases.

Put 5.0 right across the sens table in accel enrichment.

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