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Cruise Control?


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Is it possible to add cruise control to my existing Vi-PEC 2004 USDM STi pcl file, or do I have to start tuning all over with the V10 Extreme G4+ plugin pcl file as a starting point?

If I have cruise control turned on in the pcl file, does it affect the cruise control digital inputs for use with other items? I was using cruise on for logging, and the cruise switch for hi/low boost settings.

Also now that the plug-in board ecu's are all LINK brand, what do I use for software with my Vi-PEC branded Subaru STi board?

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As long as you you have an iSeries board you can now update to the firmware that supports cruise control.

Hardware wise the units are identical and in fact the latests iVTS or PC link will connect to either brand.

In your case you can continue to use the VTS software you are familiar with.

If you are using the switches for other functions currently you will need to either leave cruise control off or add / change to other digital inputs for control of those functions.

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Finally have my car running again and I am playing with this new feature. Can you explain how the cruise control should work on my 2004 Usdm Subaru sti? I can get it to work from time to time but have to hold in the button on the stalk and push down and release the button just right while still pushing down then release. I can't get the accelerate or coast functions to work at all. Any help would be appreciated.

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there is very detailed instructions on this feature available in the HELP files.

Please read through correctly as every step is important, also use you ECU Runtimes Values list to check the operation of the  inputs used to activate all the CC functions.

Check the actual switch conditions are activating and being acknowledged with a green box and an ON or YES prompt.

Otherwise data log all Cruise Control inputs etc and send thee file in.



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The cruise control feature works great, however I have tried and tried, but I can't get the cruise control light on the dash to indicate when the system is enabled, or active.  Any advice?

This is a known issue at this time that our engineering team have on their list to resolve.


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