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starting problem


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hello strange problem im having and wondering if anyone can help. sometimes i can go to the car and it fires straight away i can then turn it off straight away and it can take ages to start over 10 seconds. other times i can go to the car when its cold and it wont start for over 10 seconds. same when warm sometimes fires straight up other times takes ages.

there seems to be no consistency with it starting to narrow down the problem.

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Hi Max

First step will be to get an laptop plugged in and see if when the engine is not starting if it has RPM or if it is taking the 10+ seconds to get an RPM reading.

If it is not seeing an RPM reading we then need to look at the trigger configuration and the signals from the crank/cam sensors.

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ive had a play and think your on to something with the triggers.

i changed the sync mode from none and went through them all on cam pulse x1 i got no erros i then changed it to cam level and it was firing straight away every time but wasn't running properly and kept cutting out and loads of erros but as i say was firing all the time.

i'm using factory triggers on a ford zetec engine the crank sensor is in the fly wheel and is a 36-1 the can sensor is in the head and reads off a single lobe on the flywheel end of the inlet cam.

would i be getting green triggers if one of the sensors was wired incorrectly.

i also forgot to mention sometimes when im turning it over and it doesnt start it occasionally backfires out the exhaust.

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will try and get one also whats strange is if i just turn the key and let it turn over if it doesnt start straight away it wont start no matter how long i leave it turning over and more than likely backfire . but if i turn it over for a few seconds at a time it will normally fire after two or three times like it has to be in a particular part of the engine cycle.

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Yes but you only really have the one correct option in using CAMX1

Cam level will only work correctly with a hall/optical sensor and a tooth that is occurring across the gap on the crank.

If it was having a hard time picking up a cam sync it would definitely cause hard starting.

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