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Lem v3 dwell adjustment

Phillip Quinlan

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Hi guys I have a lem v3 and have had it just wired up to my 4agze engine but running a turbo not the s/c. im using the standard cas and standard dual post coils for a waste spark setup with a link 2 channel ignitor.  I have been tryning to get this to start up at the start i was running a subaru ignitor but it got hot while cranking over and lost one of its output channels. i hav since got a link ignitor but same thing is getting hot while cranking. its got spark so its trying to fire but with no luck of getting it to idle. the heating up issue was wondering if it could be a dwell setting?? if so am having trouble finding this on the hand controller?

my ecu is a d42v3 was told it was running on a 4age turbo before i got it. will supply picture of internals attached for you.

any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers phil.


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The reason is that the V3 is only geared for distributor applications and as such the Ign2 drive is for honda igniters and is an inverted signal. This will cause your igniter and coil to cook themselves.

To make this work for wasted spark you need a upgrade to V5.

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Hi Simon still working on this same project believe it or not, i now have a version 5 but having issues once again its got spark but struggles to fire, it seems like the timing could be way out however i have set the base timing by changing the advanced limit to zero then setting it to 10degrees with the light. here is my pcl file attached and also some pictures of inside the link. any tips would be much appreciated, cheers

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In the CAS do you have the 24 tooth pickup or is it using a tooth per TDC?

In the ECU does the sub-board have a chip with a sticker on it with SUB24NEW or similar.

Need to make sure you have the correct sub-board other wise the RPM reading will be massively out and with that the spark events too.

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Main issue with the ECU as it is now is the sub-board is not correct for the 24 tooth trigger.

It is a basic Reluctor board that requires a tooth for each TDC and a single sync.

Currently the RPM reading will be 6 times too high.


Only solution will be to modify the CAS to leave 4 teeth at TDC points.

We no longer have any of the required sub-board to allow the 24 tooth input.

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