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Launch RPM activation table

Matt Dunn

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Have a G4+ Storm and plan on trying to use the 2D launch RPM.



The Launch RPM activation table spans from 0 to 60 kmh.

Is this adjustable as would really like to span it up a bit more to 70 or 80 kmh.??

When I right click it the axis setup is not highlighted and cannot be changed?


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Hi Matt

Currently we have a couple of bugs around the 2D option where it does not exit the limit correctly.

I would suggest in the time being to use the 3D option even if you only effectively use a single axis.

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  • 1 month later...

Ok so I think I have figured out how most of it works,

but I dont understand how to work out the RPM for the Launch RPM tables?

I would rather work it out and have it close rather then alter it at the track rather than start from scratch at the track.

The help file says 

So as an example, to find the RPM value for 0% slip at 25 kph, assuming the digital input has a calibration number of 260, and the un-normalised gear ratio is 169.3:

 0% slip RPM = (Speed x Cal x Ratio) / 360

= (25 x 260 x 169.3) / 360

= 1100450 / 360

= 3057 RPM

So the calibration number will be the calibration number for the driven wheels?

and the normalised gear ratio, is that the gearbox ratio in 1st? or the gear and diff ratio's?

The speed sensor is driven from the back of the gearbox, not the actual wheels,

does that make a difference?

I am unsure what the normalised gear ratio is?

1st gear is 2.3 and diff is 4.3.  Cal number is 275 for rear wheel speed




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HI Matt

Im a little confused as to how you are using the 3D table. What to you have your X and Y axis set to?

The Normalised ratio is normally set for 4th gear as 1:1 but you can chose which gear you want to represent as 1:1.


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I have had a play at the track and ended up going back to a single launch RPM,

and using a 4D ign map with slip on one axis to help as well.

I found that I could get it to feel like it was taking off really well,

but will only be able to tell in a proper race situation if it is any good against other cars off the line.

I ended up with a RPM of 4500,

but If I tried 4600 all I got was wheelspin,

and if I tried 4400 it would bog down and I would need to dip the clutch.

Just hoping for more consistancy, and I am 2wd and race against mostly 4wd's,

when I got a good start I could match them off the line,

but would only get a good start 1/2 the time as it was very sensitive on launch rpm.

I take it that 100rpm is the minimum amount of change allowed as it would not let me enter 4450 or 4550.




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