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Nissan Skyline R33 gtst RB25det with Link G4 - 2 years on and still sweet

anthony mcgrath

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just wanted to write a quick post on this forum to say how happy i am with my decision to run Link G4 on my 33 gtst.  I've had the car 4 years+ now and

modifications include:

Forged bottom end - pistons n GTR rods

1.5mm cosworth head gasket

rebuild cylinder head

GT3076R top mount turbo

550cc injectors

walbro 255 fuel pump


car made flywheel figure of 477bhp @ 1.4 bar (internal MAP sensor) with room for a chunk more power once i upgrade to 5 bar MAP sensor and a few other bits n bobs.


overall its a fantastic car - it outrun a new RS5 recently and a porsche turbo and an AM vantage had trouble getting away too so quite happy that its in a league of big power rides and regularly upsets owners of such items heh!


Driving off boost in city traffic Link ecu is sublime - feels really smooth.  Full boost it feels like a time machine but it does everything in between so smoothly and progressively too.  Overall super happy with the car running on the G4.  Its been on this ecu for 2 years now and i really wish i could just pull it out the car if i ever break the thing and just drop it in another car hehe!



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(late reply.. blame arrival of baby boy lol!)

thanks Scott.  I'm looking currently at upgrading the MAP sensor.  I've spoke to Thor racing and i'm told i can get a GM style 4 bar MAP sensor and an apexi style 3 bar MAP sensor.  Looking over the software and MAP sensor types i cant seem to see either of these.. just a "GM 3bar" option and a "4bar" option.

I can wire it in myself and perform the necessary calibration then take it to my local tuner to run a bit more boost but is there any MAP sensor you would recommend for easy install into the link G4 PnP ?



happy link owner ^_-

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We can work with any map sensor, worst case you might need to use a custom cal for it.

The best is to pick a sensor close to the pressure you are likely to go to.

This will give the best resolution from the sensor.

The GM 3 bar sensor is the most common with in the after market ECU industry so will likely be easy to get.

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Nice, awesome to see it's still going well :)

Couple of things - one, the GT3076R is starting to get at the high end of it's flow potential at that boost, and the 555cc injectors are probably starting to work quite hard at that level too - what are your injector duty cycles at that point?   If you are having the urge for more power then you might need to think about upgrading more than just the MAP sensor.

Check out this result a mate of mine got when he maxed out his normal GT3076R at 360rwkw (482whp/635bhp) on E70 - then replaced it with an FP HTA GT3076R and ended up with quite a bit better spool, and 391rwkw (524whp/690bhp) also on E70!  Gotta love modern technology and good fuel :)

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