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Link Plus G1 v14 - RB30ET

K Chapman

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Have been offered this ECU at pretty dam cheap price.  Was wondering if someone could give some advice before I purchase it. Intend to use it with a Holden RB30ET.

1. Will it work with the factory crank sensor/trigger wheel from the rb30? 4 pin sensor built in to distributor.

2. Will I need a seperate ignitor? Will be running a single coil distributor setup and possibly change to an MSD later.

3. Do they have a built in map sensor or does it need an external one? Or are they better suited to running an air flow meter? Same goes for air temp sensor, just run the standard GM sensor??

4. Did the AdaptaLink ever come out for this ECU/engine combination?

5. PCLink is used for tuning on these correct?? What about data logging?


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1. It will depend on what the unit came off, It can be made to work on the factory crank sensor but might require a sub-board change.

2. Yes you will need an external igniter to go between the ECU and coil.

3. Yes they have a 2.5bar built in map sensor, they are not able to run/use a AFM

4. No

5. Yes PC Link V2.5

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Also the RB30 runs 3 idle related parts.

A basic 2 pin idle control valve, another 2 pin idle valve, this is meant to be for aircon compensation. Clicks on with A/C.

And a third, air regulator valve, this is meant to be for cold start and closes up as it heats up. 

Think it will be able to run these?

Thanks again for your help.

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1. If you send us a photo of the ECU boards we can hopefully identify the sub-board and advise if it can be used. Send to [email protected]

2. You could use a bosch 7 pin ignitor, but could also probably just use a single channel ignitor. I believe most 7 pin bosch ignitors are 2 or 3 channel.

For the valves you have.

  • The basic 2 pin idle valve - not a problem for the ECU to run this.
  • The Air-con valve, you could wire this so when the compressor clutch activates it turn the valve on.
  • The third valve should not be needed as the ECU changes the normal idle valve based upon engine temperature.



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