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K20 Vtec oil pressure switch wiring help


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Have a K20 Honda civic that has Vtec Solenoid and Vtec oil pressure switch (Blue connector) Just wondering if people know how this should be wired to a Xtreme G4x. I removed an Emtron from the car that didn't have this connected at all. I do have a separate Oil pressure sensor plumbed into an oil filter block, so maybe it's not needed at all, but I figured someone with more hoonda knowledge could shed some light. 





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Its not completely needed and at least in Link's base tune, its not used for VTEC strategy. There is debate on whether its OE uses it for control or diagnostic. 

Either A. VTEC does not engage unless VTP has switches to ensure it has enough oil pressure, if not, VTEC doesn't engage and you you get a DTC.
or B. If VTEC is engaged, but VTP has not switched, then stop VTEC and trigger DTC. 

I'm sure you can incorporate it into your Conditions of VTEC Solenoid but you could also just use proper Oil Pressure Sensor values just as easily with no extra wiring. A quick google says something about being a 50PSI switch, but yeah, grain of salt.

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If you have an oil pressure sensor you do not need it at all. It's originally used for conditions needing to be met in order for vtec output to be switched in the OEM ecu, say you have less than 50psi of oil pressure and the oil pressure switch doesn't ground out then vtec wont engage.

you can use your new oil pressure sensor to setup cam switching with conditions of oil pressure > 350 kpa / RPM at whatever crossover / TPS >60% 


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