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afr target table / quicktune

chris parnham

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ive had the link g3 fitted on one of our cars for a while now ,i had a spare wideband controller so decided to fit this to it .its gone on fine and shows the afr's perfect but now ive been looking at the quicktune function and have issues 

when you open the function the 'target' afr isnt reading anything the 'actual' is reading great 

when you look at the target table the rpm goes from 0-65000 on the first box and finishes at 100000rpm how can i change the scale ? 

is the anything i could have set incorrect ,many thanks chris 

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Hi Chris

You will need to go in to the Fuel menu and then right at the bottom is the AFR target table configuration.

You will need to set these to more normal values.

The one that is likely to be out of wack is the Table Increments this should be set to 500ish

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It might be you are on an early firmware version. If you go to the help menu and click on ECU information you will find a firmware version. We want to be on 1.9.2 as the latest version.

Note if you are currently on a early version going to a newer version will require a recheck of all settings.

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