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Sr20det idle and throttle issue


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I have a G4X (NS15X) for my Sr20(red-top). Once my idle hit 500 RPMs, it shoots up to 3000 RPMs. Is there something I need to adjust on my idle base position table? 

When I press on the throttle (cable, not electronic) it has no response to the engine speed. I have calibrated the TPS sensor countless times to no avail. I'm wondering if it's the IACV since that it one of the original parts I have yet to replace. 

Any advise/help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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After doing quite a bit of digging, I figured out that all I needed to change was the lock ignition timing from 10.0 to 0.0. The idle stays at a steady rpm and by changing that parameter, I now have throttle response. If anyone would recommend other changes I need to make, please let me know. Thanks in advance!


PC Datalog - 3MAR24.llgx CAO 3MAR24.pclx

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The "lock timing to" setting only affects what the timing is locked to when you are setting the timing, with that window open, any other time it will have absolutely no effect on anything.  

You dont have an air temp sensor connected so fix that first.  

You havent set the base timing or adjusted the master fuel, these are the first adjustments you should make and are listed in the "First Time Start-up" section of the manual, so go back and read that section and if you follow it you will likely end up with something that runs good enough to then consider tuning.    

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I made all the adjustments listed above and am still having the same issue with the engine running away. The timing is set to 15° BDTC with a timing light. The offset is set to -100 and thr master fuel is set at 7. Could my trigger disc be a culprit to the issue?




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Why do you suspect the trigger?  If idle speed is high then it has too much air, this would typically mean the idle valve is too far open, the throttle blade is too far open, or there is an air leak.  

Attach a copy of your tune and a PC log may get you more specific advice.  

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