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Closed loop Lambda not working with Can bus UEGO


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Having a problem with Closed loop lambda on my G4+ on a V2 Subaru wrx.

I am using a KMS Can bus UEGO. It seems to be working correctly as most of the fuel map was populated using quick tune. This works perfectly. It follows the fuel target map correctly.

But... When I turn on Closed loop lambda (wide band). The CL fuel correction goes to Max clamp. I have tried adjust fuel map etc. and it seems to have no effect. The closed loop seems to have a find of its own! 
I have doubled checked the AFR target map. 

I tired many different gain values with no luck1

As I am use CAN bus UEGO. i have nothing selected as Lambda 1. As the CAN UEGO should automatically be defaulted to Lambda 1. 

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Hi Daniel

It is looking like  a firmware issue.

The closed loop is using the lambda average this is not reading correctly it is stuck on lambda 1.

Will pass on to engineering to add to the needing a fix list.

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